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Ergonomics is a science-based discipline that brings together knowledge from other subjects such as anatomy and physiology, psychology, engineering and statistics to ensure that designs complement the strengths and abilities of people and minimise the effects of their limitations. Rather than expecting people to adapt to a design that forces them to work in an uncomfortable, stressful or dangerous way, ergonomists and human factors specialists seek to understand how a product, workplace or system can be designed to suit the people who need to use it.

In achieving this aim, we need to understand and design for the variability represented in the population, spanning such attributes as age, size, strength, cognitive ability, prior experience, cultural expectations and goals. Qualified ergonomists are the only recognised professionals to have competency in optimising performance, safety and comfort. (Chartered Institute Ergonomics & Human Factors)


(International Ergonomics Association)



As a well established and qualified Ergonomist, the company provides robust investigation/evaluation of work-related accidents within the Health Sector and related areas, encompassing HFE principles as detailed below and relevant Health & Safety legislation.

(International Ergonomics Association)


Ergonomic and Health & Safety analysis/investigation; Preparation of preliminary liability report and opinion;
- Following the preliminary opinion, further analysis of discovery documentation (when necessary);
- Provision of final report and opinion on the liability aspect of injuries sustained.

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